Athens is transformed into an open-air cinema! The detailed program of the 7th Athens Open Air Film Festival!

The beloved summer cinephile appointment, the Athens Open Air Film Festival co-organized by the City of Athens Cultural, Sport and Youth Organization, is back for its 7th edition, with more than 20 screenings, from June to September.

Special spots in town, archaeological sites, parks, squares, beaches and few of the prettiest museums and places in Athens, turn into «open-air cinemas»  with free entrance for everyone.

This year, the 7th Athens Open Air Film Festival, in collaboration with the British Council, picks out and presents, for the first time in our country, a series of films – heritage of the British gothic horror. The films included in the Tribute «British Gothic», masterpieces of the genre, will be screened in digitally restored copies, offering the audience the chance to enjoy them in their full cinematic magnificence! 

Even more, acclaimed dramas and award-winning masterpieces from all over the world, everlasting cult movies, Greek films worth watching and unexplored treasures of cinema accompanied by live music all constitute this year’s 7th Athens Open Air Film Festival program!


The screenings of the biggest film celebration in Athens begin at sunset, that precise hour of the day when Strongbow, cider at its best is ideally served, and which this year meets cinema at its best in order to indulgingly refresh the audience of the 7th Athens Open Air Film Festival.

Here is the detailed program: 

*Screening Starting Times | June – July: 21h30 | August - September: 21h00


Tuesday, June 13th 
Tribute «British Gothic» - screening within the framework of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival
«The Company of Wolves» (1984) by Neil Jordan
Peiraios 260 (260 Peiraios Street, Saint John Rentis)

Being among the indisputable ornaments of fantasy cinema «The Company of Wolves» remains a mystical cinematic fairy tale for adults.

Thursday, June 15th 
«Withnail & I» (1987) by Bruce Robinson
Avdi Square (35 Leonidou Street, Athens)

A remarkable black comedy proclaimed as the ultimate cult creation of the modern British screen. The film is projected in a restored capacity celebrating the 30 years since its first release.

Monday, June 19th 
«The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert» (1984) by Stephan Elliott
Plato’s Academy Park (137 Monastiriou Street, Athens)
A phantasmagoric and extremely humorous road movie which was awarded with an Oscar for Best Costume Design and which presented an unforgettable leading trio consisted of Terence Stamp, Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving. 


Wednesday, June 21st 
European Music Day Celebration 
«Stop Making Sense» (1984) by Jonathan Demme
Avissinias Square (Monastiraki, Athens)
Followed by a party at SOBER

The «Citizen Kane» of filmed concerts remains one of the top music films of all times, offering unique footage of three live “Talking Heads” performances in 1984. The screening signifies a least amount of tribute to Jonathan Demme’s talent, who unexpectedly passed away only a few weeks ago.

Friday, June 23rd 
«Tungsten» (2011) by Giorgos Georgopoulos
Nea Smirni Park (entrance by El. Venizelou Av., Nea Smirni, Athens)

In one of the most interesting Greek debuts of recent years, Giorgos Georgopoulos films with firm narrative control, builds a great ambiance and frames his human stories with climaxing suspense.

Monday, June 26th
«El Sur» (1983) by Victor Erice
Numismatic Museum (12 Panepistimiou Street, Athens)

Following the astounding «The Spirit of the Beehive» comes one of the best films of the 80s (still unexplored by the majority of the public) and one of the Spanish silver screen‘s milestones.

Wednesday, June 28th
«The Year of Living Dangerously» (1982) by Peter Weir
Byzantine & Christian Museum (22 Vas. Sofias Av., Athens)

The great Australian director of the «Dead Poets Society» and «Truman Show» takes us through a journey of instigation and self-awareness and signs a magnificent study on the Western man’s inability to see under the surface of things. Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Linda Hunt.

Friday, June 30th 
«Sexy Beast» (2000) by Jonathan Glazer
Petralona Park (inside the basketball court, Petralona)

Prior to the masterful «Under the Skin» Glazer delivers a sudden combination of black comedy and gangster adventure, which made it to the Oscars due to Ben Kingsley’s demonic performance.


Wednesday, July 5th 
«The Adventures of Prince Achmed» (1926) by Lotte Reininger
Live music by Larry Gus with Jay Glass Dubs
Kotzia Square (entrance by Athinas Street)
Based on stories from «The Arabian Nights», pioneer Lotte Reininger’s movie signifies an emblematic, special moment in the art of filmmaking and is regarded not only as the first animation feature, but also as one of the best ever made.

Friday, June 7th 
«The Big Lebowksi» (1998) by Joel & Ethan Coen
Agios Kosmas Beach (Agiou Kosma 2nd tram station, Poseidonos Av.) 
Followed by a beach party. Dj set by Giorgos Mouchtaridis of Pepper 96,6

The troubles that the extremely sluggish Jeff «The Dude» Lebowski finds himself in, that started from an unfortunate sharing of the same name and a stolen carpet, have been elevated in the realm of the worship cult, together with unprecedented characters such as John «Jesus» Turturro and the especially bad tempered John Goodman.

Wednesday, July 12th 
Tribute «British Gothic»
«The Fearless Vampire Killers» (1962) by Roman Polanski
Cine Riviera (46 Valtetsiou Street, Athens)

A small masterpiece of black comedy and authentic fear which recounts the efforts of an elderly vampire hunter and his clumsy assistant (Polanski himself plays this role delightfully) to dismantle an immortal family of vampires in the snowy Carpathian Mountains. The film will be screened fully restored for the celebration of 50 years since its first release.

Friday, July 14th 
On the occasion of the French National Day
«Black Orpheus» (1959) by Marcel Camus
Cine Dexameni (Dexameni Square, Athens)

Awarded with the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and with an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, this modernized and deeply charming adaptation of the Greek myth of Orfeas and Evridiki remains to date a lyrical and magical celebration of life, love and music.

Tuesday, July 18th 
«That Man From Rio» (1964) by Philippe de Broca
French School at Athens (6 Didotou Street, Athens)

In collaboration with the Plein Air Festival of the French Institute of Greece

One of the biggest box office successes in France and an international reach that made it to the Oscars with a nomination for Best Writing, Story and Screenplay, «That Man From Rio» is a humorous and incessantly entertaining variation of James Bond’s adventures with an irresistible Jean-Paul Belmondo as the leading actor.

Thursday, July 20th 
«Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior» (1981) by George Miller
Lycabettus Theatre 
Followed by a dj set party by Iosiphina Gkioka & Yorgos Karatzoyianni (Best 92,6)

A futuristic western, a super-violent cartoon, a heavy metal fantasy, a road movie with broken brakes and an adventure full of emotions that few films ever managed to imitate, «Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior » is a film injection of adrenalin that strikes directly to the heart.

Saturday, July 22nd 
«The Wretches Are Still Singing» (1979) by Nikos Nikolaidis
National Museum of Contemporary Art, rooftop (Kallirrois Av. & Amvr. Frantzi Street, Athens)

One of the most undisputed and everlasting cult works in the Greek cinema, the restless «Wretches» by Nikos Nikolaidis is an unanticipated story of a group of friends – a timeline of sex, violence and rock n’ roll which breaks out like a release and a heartbreaking separation for a whole era.

Tuesday, July 25th 
Tribute «British Gothic»
«Horror of Dracula» (1958) by Terence Fisher 
Cine Trianon (21 Kodrigktonos Street, Athens)

Bram Stoker introduced in fantasy literature one of its most prominent characters and cinema found in the bloodthirsty Count Dracula’s pale look and commanding figure its most seductive monster, ideally portrayed by Christopher Lee. The film will be screened digitally restored.

Thursday, July 27th 
Tribute «British Gothic»
«Dead of Night» (1945) by Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer
Dionysiou Areopagitou Pedestrian Precinct (opposite the Acropolis Museum)

The best anthology horror film ever made masterfully fuses the different narratives into a blend of gothic horror, popularized psychoanalysis, dreamlike ambiance and British phlegm, which gradually climaxes into an inescapable nightmare.


Friday, August 18th 
Tribute «British Gothic»
«The Wicker Μan» (1973) by Robin Hardy
Panetolio Square, Nea Ionia

One of the most influential horror films of all times, recounts the investigations conducted by a rigid policeman who arrives at an island in order to find the traces of a disappeared young girl and comes across the pagan religious heresy that reigns there. The film will be screened for the first time in Greece in the full version that its director had initially envisioned.

Wednesday, August 23rd
«A Passage to India» (1984) by David Lean
National Archaeological Museum (44, October 28th Street, Athens)

For his exquisite swansong, David Lean («Lawrence of Arabia», «Doctor Zhivago») gathered 11 nominations and two Oscar victories (Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the magnificent Peggy Ashcroft and Best Music for Maurice Jarre’s aristocratic score’s), handing over his film as one of the last genuinely sublime movies in the history of cinema.

Friday, August 25th 
«Kiss of the Spider Woman» (1985) by Hector Babenco
Dionysiou Areopagitou Pedestrian Precinct (opposite the Acropolis Museum)

Written in 1976 by the expatriate Argentinian author Manuel Puig, the «Kiss of the Spider Woman» triumphed in the Cannes Film Festival and won 4 Oscar nominations, one of which rightfully turned into a golden statue for William Hurt.


Friday, September 1st 
Tribute «British Gothic»
«Night of the Demon» (1957) by Jacques Tourneur
Petralona Park (inside the basketball court, Petralona) 

The screening will be preceded by the short film «The Mistletow Bough»

The undisputable conductor of insinuative fear in cinema, responsible for «Cat People» and «I Walked with a Zombie», delivers here one of his top work by extracting massive chills.

Enjoy the Screenings!

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